Cake/Barrage Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Bright Star Fireworks' started by buxton888, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. 25 shots
    Cat 3
    This set off one of my neighbours car alarms. Very Impressive!

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  2. Pyro Pete

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    Nice - went down well - what's the RRP?
  3. £29.99

    A fantastic firework, a best seller last year ;)
  4. Carter85

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    Used a shed load of these last year and they're one of my favourites. The noise and size of the breaks is unreal for consumer gear. Bigger than a lot of cat4 cakes we use ! I shall certainly be buying more this year :)
  5. Quasar

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    Very nice...going by what been said about these I think I may have to get some for this November! :)
  6. d_brown

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    all shots fired in 13 secs? am pretty sure thunderbolts last about 40secs? all myn did I had last year anyway.. confused cant remember them being that rapid
  7. thats what i thought would happen after i watch galactic fireworks' video. Mine may have possibly been faulty then...
  8. Dunks

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    Yeh there were two rapid fires in the video that shouldnt happen. But agreed they are fantastic for the size and price. 25 quid for a finale cake isnt bad
  9. Looks like a proper noise barrage this with nice effects. Would like a couple for bonfire night especially at the price their going for.
  10. This barrage is identical to governors apprentice 48 shot and underworld 48 shot by menshun fireworks.

    Had a few cases lasts. Very loud with big breaks.:)
  11. this was another one i enjoyed tonight, I think it was 2018 stock but didn't think to check. Just high, loud and bursting, solid and reliable firework, great for near the end of the show. what more do you need ah ha!
  12. Duskyfuse

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    Have these changed in recent years or are they still considered to be one of the loudest fireworks you can legally buy? I am considering one as a cheaper alternative to a Sky Breaker or Original Dum Bum. I like the fact these are visually exciting as well as being noisy where as other loud fireworks don't tend to offer much to look at.