Tier 2 lockdown = no fireworks?

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by hofnerite, Oct 14, 2020.

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    If that does happen I suspect that some other cities will stop moaning :confused:
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    I don't think it's anything to do with tiers, Liverpool are in 3 and they haven't asked for it have they? It's obviously going to be down to individual councils but they would need the ok from the gov to go ahead with that.
  4. Oh no hopefully they wont!
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    Just on the news that the gov and leaders of Manchester councils haven't reached an agreement so i'm guessing they're not being given what they asked for.
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    ....well if my local area (Croydon area unfortunately!) goes to tier 2 (can't realistically see that happening actually) then it will mean that 2 households can't even get together inside (but they can outside?!?!), so will be doing my own display for my household.
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  7. same here.
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    The rule of 6 doesn't include children 11 and under btw, i will be having a display at my parents house as long as no further restrictions come in.
  9. So. You can not have fireworks in your own garden with only the members of the house hold?
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    ...of course you can!
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  11. And in tier 2 you can also mix with other non households in your garden so long as no more than 6. Planning another Birmingham mini meet with 5 of the chaos on here at mine
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    ...yes it does:

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    I'm not sure that the title of this thread is very helpful. Now that it's got quite a few replies it could easily pop up if someone were to search for something relating to covid and fireworks and they might see the heading and think it's true... just a thought @Pyro Pete
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    Just have your fireworks before 10pm. Covid doesn't come out till after then, ask any pub lanord!
  15. It all becomes a bit boring after a while with these local lockdowns. Let your fireworks off on the 5th or any day you choose enjoy them after all it's your right on private property and have done video them and il sit back and enjoy them on this forum as you post them.
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  16. TGR


    i'm pretty sure that if you put a Covid-19 virus on a firework and lit it - the firework would win ;)
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    Essex is now in tier 2, if I don't obtain some interesting Pyro I could send a 4" skyward.
  18. What gets me with essex is the council asked for it. Why? Because they get more funding!! Casesin Essex have actually GONE DOWN!
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    Thats changed recently then as a week or so ago children 11 or under didnt count, crap, thats ruined my plans.
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