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  1. Just picked this up as much as I like hand firing with portfires you do miss a lot of the effects just one question how many igniters can you attach per que?

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    I’ve got that system and can vouch for it being brilliant, especially if it is your first system, extremely easy to use, also tells you how much power is still left in the batteries which never fails to come in handy.
  3. In series = 4; in parallel = 6, but I personally would not wire more than 3.
    Use the igniter calculator.
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    Dunno I managed to get 10 to go in series on my system, I reckon I could get more out of it.
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    I got the same system this year for my first time elec firing too. It’s a very good bit of kit and I’ve had a lot of enjoyment out of it already. I had 3 e matches in series and all worked fine
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    How long is a piece of ignitor wire as the old saying goes. Try it! More fun than calculators.
  7. on a general word of advice you probably don't want to much firing at once as it can take away from the effects. that said I agree wiith @Nayls play around have fun. just be safe doing it.