Fountain Tinsel Town

Discussion in 'Brothers Pyrotechnics' started by K9Girl, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Damp Squib

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    Lol - Is this really the end...:( Hats off and a moment's silence :D
  2. K9Girl

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    Na, **ck em :p
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  3. hofnerite

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    See, I'm starting to think this is a grand master plan by @K9Girl.. really she loves them but has waged a year long campaign so they firstly get discounted and secondly there are plenty left in shops for her to go around and harvest for her display this year... :p
  4. K9Girl

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    Discounted.......... they shouldn’t even give them away :p
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  5. RCT

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    Your dog seems to like them, perhaps you should just buy them for him/her. Better than a pigs ear surely !
    And more importantly great to see a dogs point of view ! We are constantly hearing from the FAB that all dogs hate fireworks, they are clearly wrong again !
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  6. K9Girl

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    I fired one of the remaining TT tonight, this performed better but still a fair bit off what it should be :confused:

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  7. I'd be annoyed at that price point. I have Copper Rains this year and I'd be gutted if the actual performance was that far from posted videos.
  8. paul s

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    There’s clearly a manufacturing issue with these. So erratic for a pressed cone.
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  9. Tinderbox

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    Like I've said before, the issue here is the ammonium perchlorate reacting with the high carbon steel filings during storage. Cast iron or any reactive metal requires a level of protection. In this case it should treated with boiling linsead oil and cooked until the linsead oil partially burns off to create a micro layer of protective film. The erratic nature is due to the oxidizer giving up it's oxygen to the iron dueing storage and the disappointing display of tinsel is because a lot of the iron has already undergone oxidation before getting lit. If they sort their process, this would be a great performer.
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  10. RCT

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    @K9Girl , if you would like to buy one every year , and let us know when it finally performs well , that would be appreciated, until then definitely not on my list :).
    In fact a sponsor should give you one every year, because when you do advocate the product “Tinsel town “sales will go through the roof .
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  11. K9Girl

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  12. BarnOwl

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    Certainly non-offensive in anyway. That Blackbird you can hear in the background is happily singing over it.
    So in conclusion Dogs like them, Birds like them..
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  13. Tinderbox

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    Yeah, WHEN they perform well. Doubt they will do anything with them except strike them from the range. I hope yhey do improve yhem though because a decent cast iron gerb is one thing we don't see. Very rare as a consumer product.
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