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    Daniel and Roderick from Mount Carmel factory in Zurrieq. To be fired on Saturday 20th July. Good luck to at least one ukfr member going out.
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  2. Some size that, bet that’ll be one to see in the flesh!
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    And the rest of his collection.
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    Part of Joseph's collection from St Sebastian factory in Quormi
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  5. Da Main Mouse

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    He going to launch that from a mine shaft or something? Must be half of it still sticking out the mortar surely?
  6. Damp Squib

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    It's possible there'll be a shot of the shell in place posted up here later - when are these being fired @Locky Smith ;)
  7. They usually do poke out the top
    There being fired next Saturday or Sunday, unfortunately I'm not there but I'm sure David Azzopardi will.
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  8. elmo

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    I thought some we saw were big, with the top few inches out the tube , but that’s insane !!!!
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