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Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by mike frost, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. mike frost

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    Im in the market for a new toolbox for taking to shows the tool-bag ive currently got just isnt cutting it anymore, im thinking of getting one of the suitcase pull along style ones, but all the ones ive seen so far are geared towards smaller tools and parts but i need something with bigger compartments has anyone got any recommendation?,
  2. scoops

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    Stanley do some
  3. gareth71

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  4. B&Q do a stackable set big box on wheels with handle the smaller boxes lock on top very sturdy I think magnuson was the brand
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    That’s the one I mean
  6. Pyro Pete

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    Be wary of Stanley, check the hinges or hinge pins are metal, my last Stanley had all plastic hinges and they fell apart in less than a month of light use.
  7. This is the reason we ended up going for Dewalt Toughsystem Tool Boxes ......... We did get the biggest boxes on bogof at the time which was an amazing offer
  8. alasdar

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    Good to see that the retailers on here still get suckered by bogof :)
  9. alasdar

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    My vote is for wurth toolboxes, though they are pricey. I use them for work so extras always about
  10. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    I'm a fan of That may have to pop down b n q and have a proper look at one
  11. Dont think paying £34.99 for the largest Toughbox is being sukered tho tbf :p ...... worth every penny ;)
  12. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    This is why I came to you guys with it I know if a pyro has been using one and its still in one piece its doing well!!!
  13. luke

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    I've been using Stanley boxes for a few years now, the issue I find is that the clasp pins tend to slip and you struggle to open or close the box when you need to in a hurry.
    Mind you they also hold my weight as a seat and have survived being abused including trapped under a tail lift with only a dent.
  14. I've got two of the dewalt toughboxes. Very hard wearing an completely negates the need for a tripod stool. Lightweight also considering the size. Although I got mine for free.
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  15. Free is always great :D
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  16. Bigfatpie

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    I’m a big Peli case fan.
    On the expensive side, but pretty much last for ever and willstand lots of abuse. I use them in the theatre world and continued along that vain when I moved into Fireworks. Keeps everything dry when it chucks it down in November easy to configure, great to sit on, lots of options available.
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  17. Jon

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    I use the stanley fatmax boxes but you have to be strong to get into the things!! Plus pulling the front clamps is a loud job so no one is going to be nicking your tools on the quiet. Also gets sat/stood on, thrown around so are sturdy. However, the top tray sort of gets in the way depending on what tools you have, so you may do better without it.
  18. Arthur

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    Smallest tool tote that will carry just enough tools to fuse easily, also something to sit or kneel on.