Cake/Barrage Tornado From Fab Fireworks

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  1. Tornado
    25 M Safety Distance

    RRP - TBC

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  2. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    That's impressive Saj. Wish we could cope with un-meshed 1.3 storage. :(

  3. Hire a storage cage :chaplin:
  4. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    But they can only be used with designated items; not all 1.3G. I was going to buy some a couple of years back, but decided against it when I learned about the limitations.
  5. Some Limitations yes .......... but can be used with the majority of 1.3g items from any brand as long as you have the correct information to work out the quantities you can store
  6. paul s

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    I was led to believe it was more to do with the initial testing, and what items had been used in the tests.
  7. AF Pyro

    AF Pyro Pro Firer/Crew

    The Pyropack is rated for certain product specifications, not specific products. As products develop and evolve and new ones come along, it would not be practical to have to go back and continually test the Pyropack against new fireworks!

    Therefore, HSE in the UK agreed a technical specification which was proposed for product suitable for storage in the Pyropack and the quantities.

    Now, the legal bit! It is down to each manufacturer to issue a statement of conformity as to what products within their range, meet the technical specification set out and agreed with HSE. It is not as simple as taking any 1.3G product and putting it in the Pyropack, someone has to put their neck on the line....and no, a retailer saying its "ok" doesn't count ;)

    So if you have a Pyropack and want to put 1.3G in it, make sure you have something to cover you if Trading Standards, HSE or the Fire Service come knocking on your door!
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  8. paul s

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    Without wishing to get too complicated, what is the essence of the tech' spec' for suitable items?
  9. AF Pyro

    AF Pyro Pro Firer/Crew

    It gets a bit technical (especially for a public forum) but in general, up to 2g flash per shot tube and can have rockets up to around 180g. That is the specification that HSE in the UK have agreed....other countries are slightly different but since HSE deal with storage in the UK, then that's what it has to be!

    However, as stated before, the supplier has to make a statement of conformity, otherwise the retailer could be out on a limb!
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  10. paul s

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    So not much over 20mm bore in general..?
  11. AlanCee29

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    Looks good Saj
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  12. Thanks pal

  13. I wouldn't agree with that
  14. AF Pyro

    AF Pyro Pro Firer/Crew

    There are not many F2 or F3 shot tubes with more than 2g flash, even in 30mm tubes. The majority of 20mm tubes are less than 1g Flash, which would probably make them 1.3G but there are quite a few 30mm tubes with over 1g Flash but because of the 5% rule, they are 1.4G...strange but true!
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  15. paul s

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    I stand corrected.
    What would be/is the reason for not classing more 1.3 cakes as suitable for the containers. Surely if a bigger range was available that would make pyropacks a much more attractive proposition.
    Apologies Saj, I'm well off topic :)