Fountain Traffic Cones

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  1. In this video I fire all three conical fountains from the Standard Fireworks Traffic Cones pack. For their price, (around £4 per box), these small but mighty fireworks offer outstanding value and the heights they reach are remarkable! I found the green cone to reach the greatest height meanwhile the orange firework had the longest duration. The effects given were varied, and it was nice to see the absence of any crackle. NEC count 75g.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.4g

    Duration: 30 seconds

    NEC: 75g

    RRP: £4.99

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    These are unbelievable for the price. Fired a couple of packs last year and couldn't believe the height for such a small conic.
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  3. These are very good for waterfalls as you can get so many for such a low price.
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    Got quite a few packs of these ordered with the waterfall effect in mind.
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  5. I was amazed that a firework measuring just 8cm tall could thrust its effects 8ft high! As you say they are unbelievable at around £1 each.
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  6. Myself, @Tiltman and a few other forum members did just this during a 2019 scouts display. It gave a very thick and impressive effect at very little expense.

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    Great work @Duskyfuse - these look great value for a fiver.
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