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Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by danielpyronutter, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Hi all

    I am booked for the training in Jan, do I need to do any research for this?

  2. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    If your doing firer level I’m sure you’ll be fine :)
  3. B19_TLG

    B19_TLG Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Send me a PM and I’ll send you the training manual I got given by one of the companies I’ve fired for. It’s not gospel. But worth a skim.
  4. Geoff Gostage

    Geoff Gostage Supports UKFR

    Can anyone book a space Dan?
  5. JustinBedford

    JustinBedford Pro Firer/Crew

    Just look on bpa website normally open courses are available on there. You can book on as freelance firer etc provided you have 3 shows recorded in some form of written record
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