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  1. Just an open and off topic thread, but has anyone with a disablity had issues travelling within the UK?
    I ask because (speaking as a diabled person) I have never had any problems at all, but it seems to be a question I get asked a lot, "Do you experience problems on trains" etc, which in itself is interesting. Maybe people don't mess with me as I'm Scottish and a little bit aggressive. ;)
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    yes, i had issues a few years ago when I was travelling from Peterborough to Kings Cross. East Coast cancelled the train I had booked tickets on meaning I had to get the next train where I had no seat due to my booked train being cancelled. The train was already booked out and there was two trains worth of passengers so it was a very uncomfortable journey. I was refunded with vouchers, however, which didn't make it less awkward but I felt it was a nice gesture as there is no legal requirement to do it. I have to confess i didn't try and get a seat as that would be very embarrassing - kicking people off seats.
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  3. I would never be embarassed kicking someone off a seat, but that is in my nature. Thanks for the reply. I'd always hope that people would be willing to give up seats. I'll be honest, it does make me cautious about travelling. I was on a train where there might have been issues and we might have had to get buses- in the end we didn't, but it's crappy that I was worried no-one would help me or people would push past.
  4. my only experience was a few years ago when my knee and my car both had long term issues, and i had to walk with a cane for 4 months. I had to get the bus a few times and found people were fine. I found shop assistants to b the most difficult thing from that time.

    I think people will ask you this because there is so much press about how difficult it is to get about with a disability. yeah the system is far from perfect but it is much better than most countries. and as more modernization comes through then the problems will become fewer
  5. Exactly. :) I also like to describe myself as a person of limited mobility, rather than disabled as I feel it is more accurate. Or as Jimmy from South Park says, differently able. :)
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