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  1. seeing as it's a quiet day- from out whatssapp quiz- which wrestler is named after a firework? Clue here she is: wreslter.png
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  3. Good guess!!!! :D But no
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    Not heard of a firework with the name or type I've come up with : Cherry Bomb. (Laura Dennis)
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  6. correct!! :)

    There may well be more wrestling / fireworks crossovers, but both hobbies / fandoms are quite niche! :D Ric Flair [sic] ! :p Dynamite Kid not exactly a firework, Owen Hart was sometimes called the Rocket .

    on the off chance that anyone does know any more, lemme know! We do a family quiz on WhatsApp
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    Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana?
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  8. Charlotte flair (flare)
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    Maybe the other one I was holding at the time would be more appropriate here? And possibly the kind of name a wrestler might choose to include as part of theirs. ;)
    The photo's still on the forum. Just search for the one you mentioned. :whistle:

    The obvious wrestler for this thread would be Big Daddy..... but then the firework would have to be named after the wrestler. Showing my age, perhaps. Those were the days when I followed wrestling. Just someone please tell me there's a firework called "Giant Haystacks"
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  12. another trivia, but not wrestling- where is the quote from: Bonus point if you can make the link with the trivia question in the opening post..

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  13. The quote is from "I'm your Man" by Leonard Cohen. Now, here's a hell of tenuous link but:
    Cherry Bomb = song by the Runaways
    Cohen wrote "The Ballad of the Runaway Horse"

    Failing that, is there a wrestler called Suzanne....? :p
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  14. perfect! But the connection was in fact much much much simpler- they are / were both Canadian! :p
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  15. Another one if people like music trivia - how many songs can you name where the song title is never mention in the lyrics? One of them at least is arguably the greatest pop-rock song of alltimeā€¦

    PS: sorry I know this is off tpic! ie not fireworks
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    Bohemian Rhapsody ofcourse!
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  17. Yep! The others we thought up is "Song 2" by Blur, "Whats up" by 4 Non-Blondes, "Song for Whoever" by Beautiful South, Anarchy in the uk, toms diner, rainy day women, ballard of john and yoko, frog chorus and I'm sure there are many more
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    Aah but Frog Chorus is actually called We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus. :p
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    ...hmm - are these one and the same person I wonder?!!!!!



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    I think Specsavers should be back open soon @deans6571 ;)
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