TRUE 8m ‘garden’ fireworks?

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  1. PyroFanaticPhil

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    Not sure if we’ve done this one before but what are everyone’s examples of real 8m so-called ‘garden’ fireworks that are as good as they come but also practical/safe if fired at the minimum safety distance away from the audience?

    We all know there are some pretty ridiculous post-CE items out there that are simply incomprehensible at the minimum safety distance stipulated on them. Would like examples of cakes, rockets, candles, fountains, ?mines etc. Cheers all!
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  2. beeney

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    Jorge strobe fountain
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  3. hofnerite

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    Honestly... if I had an 8m garden I'd fire nothing but the smallest of selection boxes - tiny fountains, maybe a shot tube and 30cm rocket.
    I can't think of any cakes I'd be happy to stand 8m away from!

    I've been spoilt because I have a school field to play in but even CAT2 cakes at 30m in my garden look scary.
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  4. paul s

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    I wouldn't like to be within 8 m of any cake or rocket if it went 'wrong'. Small section box fountains would be my limit if you needed guaranteed safety......even then?

    If it didn't go wrong then anything is fine at 8 m. Bit of a catch 22 really. Cat 2 or 3??.....pretty much the same risk and hazard to be frank.
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  5. PyroFanaticPhil

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    I was thinking of cakes like Bright Star Sizzling Sentinels, Magnum Razzle Tazzle & Ritzy Glitzy, Royal Party Little Stars to name but a few.

    Lets be optimistic on the mis-fire front. Maybe we can say that a 6ft fence is protecting the audience ;).
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  6. alasdar

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    Astra Maze runner is a good fountain in my small garden, also Siberian swirl wheel. That’s about it apart from tiny Lidl selection boxes
  7. danielpyronutter

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    Small 1.4 20mm cakes at the most
  8. Try the alpha/beta selection boxes from Primed. Don’t let the selection box designation put you off. They aren’t cheap but are well worth their money
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  9. PyroFanaticPhil

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    Would you say the 16/19/20 shot cakes in the Alpha are suitable at 8m?
  10. RocketRev

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    Small mines are good in my experience.

    Kimbolton's Rainbow Mines were my favourite of the old 5m cat2 garden mines and I used plenty of them over the years. I've still got a few - which maybe I should hold on to in the hope they become collectors items in years to come! I'm out of touch with the current crop of equivalent mines, though, so don't know which to suggest now.
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  11. That's generally the problem with Cat 2 in general, let's be honest I would say 70% of the population have gardens under 25 metres, new builds your lucky to get 5 metres, but the manufacturers deem 8 metres suitable distance. Myself I like to see the firework in person, get a judge on weight and pretty much fire mostly 20mm bore and my garden is 18 metres long. However there are still those who will fire at the shorter distance and that's firing Cat 3 also let alone Cat 2.
  12. Royal party little stars were 20mm and lethal, they always fell over if not securely fastened. So why them and not any other 20mm.
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  13. Paul is correct F2 F3 makes no difference what so ever. I would say, most selection box items, most fountains, most wheels, very few cakes I know of.
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  14. Damp Squib

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    I'd suggest that any cakes or larger fountains fired at 8m ought to be boxed, rather than staked and taped, so that if there's a blow out the damage will be minimised. Old wooden drawers and bricks work well, but some members go in for purpose built versions.

    I like wheels in a smaller space - several on a frame can be very impressive close up.

    Always have a few selection boxes on standby, though, for the spur of the moment display...;)
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  15. danielpyronutter

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    Any idea of the range of bores in that box?

    And is it 1.3 or 1.4?

    I do love a good box, there's something magical about opening a mixed box of fireworks and perusing the content or should I say perving over lol.

    I was looking at that box last year but couldn't justify the price
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  16. They are the only primed items I just do not rate at all. Esp Alpha, crazy price.
  17. danielpyronutter

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    I would say the old supreme 6 pack was a great garden box but not at 8 metres still, I would say 18-25 metres would be suitable
  18. danielpyronutter

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    Do you remember the nec on that box offhand Pete?
  19. hofnerite

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    I fired a few of those packs at 75m and they were still good (and I didn't get neck-ache)
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  20. FI's platinum is so much better and half the price, but I guess these will only be available this year.
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