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    So the 50mm has started an interesting debate imo, whilst I agree with the Joe blog wouldn't know what to do and the whole safety distance thing, I bought 3" shell's and everything thing else you can't get nowadays as a consumer back then.
    Why have things changed?
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    Shells disappeared in the late 90s after a couple of people died in a week in shell accidents.
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    Around the same time (1997?) bangers and air bombs disappeared due to anti-social behaviour. :oops: Guilty as charged m'lud. I was 16 at the time and air bombs were a lot of fun!
    Helicopters and erratic flight pyro disappeared some time before I was legally able to buy unfortunately.
    Then last year thanks to BS and the cost of CE as well as the 'visible QM debacle' we lost pigeons, big catherine wheels, waterfalls etc.

    ... All of which was probably safer and more suited to the average garden than current CAT2 cakes! :rolleyes::mad:
  4. It will be interesting to see what happens with these,

    I know of two companies that tried to bring in 50mm retail cakes. Alas, you never saw them for sale for a reason.
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  5. Can you fire shells if your qualified? I was having a conversation with someone on YouTube and he says he can fire the shells he was given because he is trained, but I thought shells couldn't be fired privately unless firing for a display company? If someone can clear that up for me that be great.
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  6. Anyone can fire shells. But buying them is a different matter.
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    as much as i would love to fill my own display with anything and everything bigger than 30mm tubes. I do wonder what would happen with someone with no sence of safety or even sence as a hole, and a small garden on a estate somewhere going wrong very fast
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    also the reason i take great pride in working on pro displays :D being able to play with products i may never of seen otherwise
  9. Cheers
  10. Was it not 05 that air bombs went along with the other 'nuisance fireworks' ? Now people just use 100g rockets... :rolleyes:
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  11. Unfortunately watching YouTube plenty of them about lol
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    I was still buying them in '97. Might have been a cut off period?
  13. I'm sure they were still available in the early 00s, 2000 was the first year i got pyro and they were still on sale then and for the next couple of years at least.
  14. I can remember seeing airbombs on sale quite recently, although they could have been something similar but different, ie more of a burst than a bang. I can remember bangers but only just. And those REALLY little rockets .
  15. Lidl sold shot tubes in 2016 which were called air bombs, but these were just shot tubes with a bad choice name.
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    as to what's changed..... i don't know.

    but could it be a similar sort of route to the weight limit on cakes, were now we have compound instead of "very large cakes"
  17. Smoking kills 73,000 a year shells kills two or three so thats why they ban shells. Sorry about the two or three people
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    But its a much bigger headline when a headteacher to put it bluntly blows himself up at the school display than when somebody dies of a smoking related illness, I'm sad to say,

    Knowing how easily you could mess up with them eg 'loading upside down' and how thoroughly Joe public reads instructions when setting stuff off in the garden they are one thing I would personally prefer stay in pros hands, now that doesn't go for everything on the band list for sure
  19. There's a good chance that compounds will be gone in a few years, however sense will prevail. Cat F2 up to 2kg and Cat F3 up to 4kg
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    Tobacco revenues were over £10 billion in the UK last year ..
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