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  1. We may have caused a lot of upset but one thing for sure people now know we are here... I can’t get my head around the reaction we had to our advertising this year we even got second most complained about add with the advertising standards agency throughout the uk 2019
    Which for an advert that Cost less than £200 and was only out for a matter of days before we pulled it has shocked me... normally it’s blue chip companies with huge marketing budgets that top the yearly list...
    The reason I’m posting this is I found it interesting that for every hater that complained we received three messages of support, we had an increase in trade with new and old customers commenting one and the other abut how sick they are with people moaning about fireworks.
    I know that figures and facts are collected to counter argue the haters and to defend our industry but I feel that if we all got together and asked customers to sign something in support of fireworks it would far out number the petitions against... just a thought

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    Sounds like you have a career in marketing lined up should the pyro fall through! There's no such thing as bad advertising.
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  3. To be fair I did think people went over the top, I work near Cheltenham and a lot of people were talking about it; quite a few said I didn’t know there was a shop in Cheltenham will have to check it out this year etc so I am not surprised it did turn out ok for you. Lessons are learnt and nobody was hurt, apart from the standard loony anti brigade that basically just used you as a punch bag.
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    Next year get a stock image of Helen Jones MP and put the ear defenders on her.

    You certainly kicked up a stink but I have to say that if you'd have done it 10 or even 5 years ago no-one would have batted an eyelid. It's the hypersensitive social media driven world were live in I'm afraid where everyone has a public opinion even if their arguments are nonsensical.
    Everything is now offensive to someone.
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    I say next year step it up. A horse with ear defenders in a padded cell, maybe a straight jacket too. Maybe a well rounded human shouting through the barred cell window "You were bred for me to whip and ride you until your body breaks and then I will dump you in a field and call that kindness"".
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    Sorry folks but officially Helen Jones technically stopped being an MP with the dissolution of parliament for the General Election plus she isn't standing for re-election so the Petitions Committee will be chair by someone else in future.
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    Good news hopefully someone more sane
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    You never know maybe one day they'll appoint someone impartial!
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  11. To be fair it wasn’t even the ‘worst’ fireworks advert I saw this year, that dubious hounor went to guys from Bradford

    [linked video removed - Moderator]
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    What the :censored: did I just watch!?

    @Pyro Pete - you may want to watch that video. :eek:
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    I've removed the video attached to the message by @jrdonn for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who viewed it.
  16. Oh bugger!

    What have I missed?
  17. Please accept my apologies if I offended anyone, but that was a video sent to me as a advert for a retailer in Bradford, When we have things like this going on in our ‘embattled’ industry it’s not surprising we are all seen in a bad light.
    Again very sorry for any offence caused
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    Nothing, it was crap.
  19. I've seen it now. I thought it was inspirational, I'm thinking about hiring their services for our New Years Eve campaign.
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    Better be quick, they're only allowed one phonecall from Guantanamo Bay.