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    Having been really organised for the silly season this year I'm already planning ahead for next and am looking for recommendations for suppliers of UN Cartons for storing shells in. As a number of our displays have the same number of shells depending on their size I want to pre pick them and store away from my "free" or "special" stock ready for the season.

    When we get closer to a display these might then be fused using Pyrolock so that they can be lifted out of the box and put straight into the racks when on site so I'm looking for boxes that are quite long.

    We've managed for years using the boxes the shells have been delivered in but a combination of crews not saving good boxes and a wish to be a bit more efficient means I'm changing how we operate.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    The company I fire for put a short length of quick match in the middle of a racks pyro clock, can fold them in half then.
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    Best talk to importers as they tend to have boxes going. Try MLE for starters.
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    Wouldn’t say they have any “going”
    They are hideously expensive
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  5. Just remember that the classification applies to the items in their original containers as the classification depends on the packaging and that impacts storage and transportation. I'm only saying this to be helpful, I hope it is ?!?
  6. So digesting what your saying @RPyro, if you linked shells with any type of chain fuse (yourself, not imported chained) the classification changes, so even transporting in the original boxes is illegal?. I believe the authorities allow 'modified' shells in un boxes to be transported but what are the implications of storing modified fireworks. Would they default to HT1?
  7. Big apologies in advance mate, long reply.

    Well it can get complicated and I can only give you my interpretation, which is skewed by my circumstances and might not be applicable to others depending on the terms of their licensing but storage of explosives is of course covered by ER14, Section 34 states :

    "If explosives are kept other than in their classified packaging, it cannot be assumed that the hazard they present remains the same. The nature of packaging (or lack of it), and the quantity and arrangement in storage can have a significant effect on the hazard presented in non-transport situations. The hazards presented by explosives should be assessed throughout the course of their manufacture, storage and handling to ensure that the correct hazard type is used under all conditions."

    The hazard type might then be determinable by the competent license holder, under the terms of their license as agreed with the license issuer. So it doesn't necessarily default to HT1 but this would depend on the terms of the license holder. A good example is black powder, stored in an approved plywood box is HT3, stored loose in containers is HT1. There would have to be some kind of analogy / competent assessment made ( dependent on the terms of the license). For example if pyro-clocked and therefore not likely to be initiated all at the same time the original hazard type may still apply.

    As for transport that, of course, would fall under ADR, for which a CAD is required, issued by a contracting body to ADR. The packing conditions are specified in the CAD, along with the specific UN string for the approved carton so using an alternative carton, unless stipulated in the CAD, would void the document and an amended CAD would need to be sought. But if 'modified' shells in UN boxes are authorised for transport then I am wrong.

    ER14, just to mention, also states that igniters should not be fitted to fireworks unless an appropriate CAD with this provision applies.

    sorry again! Would be interested to hear what others have to say on this.
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    Thanks Guys.

    So what we do now is pick shells and put them back into shell boxes but just the number we need for a display. Last year we had sufficient boxes to do them for all our shows. We packed the pyro clock separately and fused on site. Finales were boxed separately and included loose shells and in some occasions prestrung shells - again in shell boxes. I think reading what has been said it would be best to continue this practice.

    However, if I need more boxes than I have what actually - practically can I do? I have fired shows in the past for other companies and their fireworks were in boxes - and when delivered or collected they had a mixture of all sorts of fireworks in them from memory and I think they were plain boxes albeit quite substantial. Sadly none of these companies are still trading so I can't ask them how they sorted things and where they got their boxes.
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    im actually a box manufacturer but am unable to due un cartons as far as im aware but looking into it but if heavy duty plain boxes would be suitable it is something i could pottentially supply
  10. Sainsburys had a stack of cardboard boxes spare when I was in there today :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  11. There was a UN box scheme with a number of companies combining to place a bulk purchase with a supplier, pretty sure Fantastic Fireworks were a member, the individual boxes were expensive though. Might be worth a call to them and see if the scheme still exists, they brought single shots to Stockport pre racked but in the coffin boxes.
    That said depending what you chain, they may default to the standard UN class for the firework type, this may be 1.3, but could be 1.1 because they are not in the OE "tested" carton and configuration, unless you paid for a 6C test to prove they were a lower hazard than default.