Unwanted Kingdom 10 channel sequencer?

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by hofnerite, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. hofnerite

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    Does anyone have a Kingdom 10 channel stepper/sequencer they no longer want?
    I bought one last month and could do with another, depending on asking price of course! ;)

    These are the units:

  2. Daveandkate

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    1 million dollars
  3. hofnerite

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    1 million Iranian Rial and you've got a deal.
  4. danielpyronutter

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    One million Jamaican dollar blood money :D
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  5. 20170204_194821.jpg
    20170204_194821.jpg how many you want?
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  6. hofnerite

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    Depends what your price is! Feel free to message me.

    I remember a bulk load being sold on here last year. I wish I'd bought them then!
  7. scoops

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  8. I be interested as well if still available
  9. hofnerite

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    I'm still looking for one of these for November so if anyone's got one knocking around or sitting in the loft, I'll be happy to give you £30 ono for one.
  10. BR Pyrotechnics

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    yeah all of ours sold quite quick last year :) I will let you know if we get some more.
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  11. PyroAsh

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    Anyone got any of these up for grabs??
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  13. PyroAsh

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    A couple. How much are they going for?
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  14. hofnerite

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    £60 a piece new.
  15. EventTech

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    Sorry to hi-jack the thread.
    These are great little boxes - I have 4 :) - but does anyone know of an external battery that I could use to link 4 together without using internal 9v batteries as the manual says that these batteries would only fire a single ignitor at one time - is a 12v 2.3Ah sealed burglar alarm battery Ok or would I need something bigger like a 10Ah?
  16. hofnerite

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    I'd be surprised if that's true. (not saying I don't believe you, I just don't believe the manual!) I'll give it a try today if I get time. All fire mode is a feature so I would expect it to fire all 11 outputs at once even with the internal batteries.
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  17. hofnerite

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    Sorry @EventTech just re-read that. I thought you meant all 11 channels at once (one ig per channel)
    I'll have a go today at more than one ig per channel as I'm sure you could do that too. 2x9V in series will give quite a kick and should be plenty to fire more than one ignitor unless you've got maybe 4x igs per channel and firing all 11 channels at the same time.
  18. hofnerite

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    I did a few tests @EventTech Unfortunately I can't operate a camera properly so paused when I was meant to film and unpaused between the tests. :tssr:

    4 e-matches in parallel in one channel fired fine
    6 e-matches in parallel in one channel failed to fire but I did successfully fire 5 e-matches in parallel in one channel AND three e-matches in three other separate channels so there must be enough oomph to fire at least a couple of e-matches in series from every channel at the same time.
    I'll do a better video at some point.

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  19. PyroAsh

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    Finally got a couple sorted. Thanks @Locky Smith and Imperial lotus :)

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  20. @Pyro Pete, I keep moaning at him to be a sponsor. I'm sure he will soon.
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