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    Richard Pearson has been given bail to appear in court next April on two charges of gross negligence manslaughter. The trial is expected to take four weeks.
  2. They used to be my local supplier. Incredibly tragic what happened and I know from talking to the lads there that they were massive Pyro fanatics.
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    Without knowing anything of the case nor person's involved I can only take one thing from this unfortunate event and that is; always, always expect the unexpected to happen at some time in your life if you deal with pyro. I think it's safe to say most if not all of us have had a near miss or worse with pyro, luckily those reading survived them and probably learnt but complacency can creep up if you don't watch out..
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    The one thing that surprises me more than any other is the fact that Richard (a decent bloke from the couple times I've met him in days gone by) showed "no remorse whatsoever....."

    I really cannot understand that stance. All very, very sad.
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    He has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  7. Is that it ! Brilliant justice system we have I’m sure the victims will be chuffed with that
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    Most manslaughter sentences are between 2-10 years.
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    He will be out in 5
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    Even 5 years is a long and painful haul for "non career" criminals.
    It doesn't seem much, but just think about how much we have each seen and done in the past five years.
    He cocked up and will now lose quite a chunk of his life and livelihood. Under the circumstances I'm not convinced a longer sentence would make any difference - he certainly isn't going to make the same mistake again.
    It's the every day scum bag criminals that need the key throwing away.
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    Agreed, as you say it was an accident
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    Any idea on exactly what caused the initial ignition?
  13. Blimey. That’s a bit steep.

    He was a silly sod but 10 years? The Winters got half that and they were storing 1.1 were they not?

    Without dismissing the tragic lost of life he should surely appeal that.
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    I was wondering exactly the same. What were the grounds of his conviction? Apart from his 'admission of over loading' what else were factors in this?