Using Fuse vs Multiple Button Presses!

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  1. Or I use Bickford fuse/Chinese time fuse IMG_20191106_184512.jpg for timing single hits if I want some thing fancy
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  2. what are the TNT items pictured?
  3. They are "loud and clear" 25mm single shots not bad for £4.99 a pack of 5 from Aldi, only 12g nec a tube though. Effects arend bad for the money
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    ....what is the 'done' thing with all the trailing firing wire, when connecting it all up to a firing system (i.e if you have a 10 metre wire and the cake is only 5 metres away from the system, is it ok to just leave the remaining 5 metre trailing on the ground or is best to wrap it up or wind it around something) ?
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    save some money and buy shorter ematch's :p
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    A tidy site, is a safe site in my eyes. Bundle cables together if you can to reduce chances of trips and pulling of igniters etc :)