Very clever... but a bit worrying .....

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  1. elmo

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    is the writing on the wall for fireworks as we know it ?........
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  2. hofnerite

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    I'd love to see what could be done with drones big enough to add gerbs, wheels, especially waterfalls to.
    Imagine 10 in a row 200ft in the air with some 30m waterfalls onboard. Would be very unique.:rolleyes::whistle:
  3. elmo

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    We just missed some testing in China last year by about 2 mins
    They were very quick to pack the drones away when we arrived at the demo
    They all had large Gerbs attached
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  4. Pyro Pete

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    Definitely interesting but I think the novelty might wear off quite quickly... however as said above, the merging of pyro and drones could be very exciting :)
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  5. I'd have thought cost would still be a bit prohibitive for drones not to mention the fact that there would never be enough companies able to do that to cover even a small portion of Nov 5th displays but in a few years who knows.
  6. Ozzieuk

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    A well executed seasonal display a pyromusical wedding in summer or a big competition at the end of the year is heart warming.
    But I don’t think ignoring the fact that some clients are going to want more will make it go away. It just means you may lose out on a gig.
    Lighting lasers and other media or sfx will always come and go.
    You only have to look at what is on tv now.
    Most big production series have flames etc. It’s on peoples radar.

    Now all we have to do is convince the punters (sorry clients) to pay more.

    The drone displays cost a lot more than the pyro.
    But for those big corporate events they seem to be popping up more.
    If anyone likes the drone displays. Check out the Intel ones
  7. Arthur

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    Lots of entertainment to be had, but for huge amounts of money.

    I'd want to check the "Air Navigation Order" before putting fireworks on a drone.