vintage firework posters. ( british )

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    Steve your poster collection is massive, really like the Benwell Jubilee one. Thanks for starting this brilliant thread
  2. Theres some more to come later,
    thanks steve .
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    image.jpg image.jpg Here's two Wells posters.The tatty one is from my magazine/ workshop of about 50 years ago.There was a leak in the roof one night ...It got soaked...hence the damage. :( Ive kept it carefully all these years...and found the pristine one recently from another collection.:)
  4. And here's the Pains version. image.jpg
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    Aaa...never seen that version before.....
  6. Can any members post some more 1930s Standard price lists please.
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  7. These posters below are made to look like the latest news posters you get outside news agents these days .
    tommy farr was a heavy weight boxer in the 30s . he was british & empire champion in 1937.
    he challenged for the world title in 1937 , against joe louis in new york .
    must have been a big fight at the time, that probably why standard printed this type of poster. DSCF0935.JPG DSCF0933.JPG DSCF0930.JPG DSCF0934.JPG
  8. standard banners posters DSCF0942.JPG
  9. smaller versions of above 1930s DSCF0936.JPG
  10. 1980s, plc DSCF0939.JPG
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