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  1. 538E578B-E4C0-4037-A578-8AE045A419F5.jpeg
    As it’s “that time of year” again, I thought I’d post a few pictures of some of my favourite items
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    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)
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  3. This is a frame I have on the wall containing a mixed bag
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    A few more bits and bobs in the spare room cabinet. Open the doors and the smell hits you.
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    That's a very fine selection of fireworks you have, im very jealous! Thanks for putting up the pic's
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    Very nice indeed....... a lot of items in there that I've never seen before.
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    Very nice collection, thanks for sharing, its nice to a few interesting new posts on here again after such a while.
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  8. Thanks, that was my intention. There’s too much stuff stashed away that nobody ever gets to see, sadly.
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  9. Thanks for sharing, some really great stuff there!
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  10. 9F9E2ED8-29FE-46FA-BC87-CED89EA9B41B.jpeg Been shifting stuff around in the shed this afternoon and it’s about time I did something with the stuff in there as well. Mostly bought 25 years or so ago, including a selection of Kimbolton cones from 1991
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  11. Do you have any more photos of the Diamond box and Cosmic Astra items please?
  12. Also Benwell Feistel Columbia contents photo please?
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    Chris ..Hi..nice partic the Wessex Sonic Fireballs...that's what started me collecting years ago.
    I acquired a Sonic Fireball in an antiques centre marked "Shop Dummy" and it was discounted from £2 to £1.00!!!!
    So you can guess how long ago that was !!
    There are some rare beauties partic the Pains items.
    Tell me are they from your current collection or from your photo records of past glories!
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    If you ever decide to sell any of the standard stuff, please PM me!!!
  15. ufo


    very nice those plastic rockets