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  1. 5BD48BA7-4E0E-4ECD-AD03-8FFF4BDEAFC9.jpeg Like some of you no doubt, when I was a kid in the 60s and early 70s I used to collect all the fired items. Many would end up on our coal fire watching a few last sparks. Others were made into dummies, in fact a couple of my favourite items are just that, rescued on the morning of November 6th and still with me now. Many labels were taken off in various states. I had scrapbooks full at one time of different firms. But framing them in a collage is a great way to display them.
  2. I still have scrap books with them in.
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  3. I wish I still had all of mine, the scrapbooks got binned years ago, not by me though! And my mother used to throw the fired items out as they made the room smell. A few survived though!
  4. I have fired stuff going back many years,sheds full of it, lol!
  5. Great collection...also like the 'Joke Shop' items and the Sweet poster (though I'm more of a Slade man myself!)
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