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    Time to list all your favourite virus related songs.

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    WTF is a virus related song?
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    something fun funny interesting that would make a playlist.
    For example.

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  7. WHO let the dogs out, Take my breath away, i touch myself (for all those on lockdown.)!
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    Since I'm a Queen fan, I'll suggest these:

    "I want to break free"
    "Don't stop me now"
    "Hang on in there"
    "Is this the world we created...?"
    "Keep yourself alive"
    "Let me live"
    "There must be more to life than this"
    "These are the days of our lives"

    One that's maybe a bit close to the bone : "You take my breath away"

    And one to be totally Politically Incorrect : "Chinese Torture"

    And one of my favourites : "Teo Torriatte (Let us cling together)"
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  9. Also from Freddie : Living on my Own!
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  11. BAT out of hell
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