Visco and Tape Types

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  1. Are there any kind of tapes that shouldn't be used against visco?
    Is electrical tape ok?
  2. I have seen people use gaffa tape which isn't too dissimilar so although it wouldn't be my tape of choice I can't see any real issues with using it. A small cable tie is usually sufficient and eliminates any need for tape.
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    Just be aware the gaffer is actually quite flammable.
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    If you're worried about visco going out, then don't worry, it won't. I generally use gaffer tape and have never had a problem with it either going out or the gaffer catching fire.
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    Agreed. Not had it catch fire and hasn’t been a point of failure.
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  6. Cheers all. I've used all kinds of tape and cable ties in the past. But today I suddenly had a ponderence about potential reactions... thinking... what do I know about chemicals and adhesive tapes and how it might react to visco fuse. I'd just never contemplated it before.
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    I've often wondered about taping over fuses.....

    Surely if you have a line of visocs, sandwiched between gaff tape, it would stop the air getting to it and thus stop the flame burning down the fuse (fire needs oxygen to burn doesn't it??!!)?! :oops::confused:
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    Pyrotechnic compounds generate their own oxygen, hence can even burn underwater in the right circumstances
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    If anything I have found that taping or tubing visco too tightly over a length will increase the rate at which it burns, much like open qm versus piped.

    As stated above pyro supplies its own oxygen and so its tthe propergation of the flame speed.
    Stronger you contain it the faster the flame and chemical reaction travels. Speed it up enough you have a detonation.
  10. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR whats the best way to waterproof a single fuse running to several cakes then (taking the above comments into consideration) - is gaff tape still the done thing or better to use foil tape (never used this myself but seen some on Amazon)?!
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    Gaffa tape isn't waterproof. Foil tape is (and spark proof).
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    2nd foil tape since I discovered the keeping one end free trick! Before that I spent far too long trying to picklie an end free!
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    ...the 'one end free trick'??! Care to share..?!!!
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    Lol, never let the backer be separated from the roll! Keep it attached at al costs!
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  15. My thinking with this thread was really whether any tapes have chemicals in their adhesive that could react with anything in visco and cause it to spontaneously ignite.
    Just something I'd never even considered before. I'm sure we'd have heard if it ever had happened.
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