Cake/Barrage VIV42Z-001

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  1. Category: CE f3
    Shots fired: 42
    Hazard Class: 1.4g
    Nec 966g Calibre: 30mm
    Duration:16 Seconds
  2. Wow, looks stunning! Personally not a fan (no pun) of the timings on this one (seemed to be 3, 4, 5, 6 seconds), but it's great to see this effect and colours in a retail piece. Great video :)
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  3. hofnerite

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    Vivid really have raised the bar on this one!
    Would make some lovely slices. :whistle:
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    It's nice and pretty unusual but it does seem like something that would appeal more to members on here than the general public.Maybe i'll be proved wrong and it'll be a good seller but £50+ for a short duration low shot count low noise firework doesn't sound like something that would sell all that well.
  5. hofnerite

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    I agree, probably not for gardens but there are thousands of larger village/community/scouts CAT3 displays every year like mine that are always looking for something new or different like this. This is perfect for those semi-pro/large field type displays.
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    If you compare this cake to Triple Blaze by Celtic. RRP on that is 59.99 for a 30 shot 3 way fan.This is a far more interesting, 42 shot Fan. I appreciate that duration is shorter but surely it's better to have something that makes people think wow than a boring 30 second gap filler?

    Oh and.....:rrp::)
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    and compared to an £80 (selling price) Niagra or Topaz from Jorge (49 shot fanned 25mm?) this is a bargain!
  8. Pyro Pete

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    This is a beautiful firework, rainbow fans are always appreciated by an audience.
  9. Saj dropped off, 2 of this cake and 2 of it's sister viv42z-002. I have removed the foil top, gaffa taped and waterproofed using clear pallet wrap one of each cake together starting with 001 and followed by 002; using the reserve fuse and qm on the primary fuse to make a 30 sec low noise larger cake, that fits back into the outer UN carton perfectly.

    As these cakes fire so fast it almost seems they should have been Cat 4, 84 shot, circa 2 kg NEC cakes from the factory. I am considering adding viv49z-002 (Saj also supplied two of these) to create a wonderful and colourful mega 50 sec compound cake for a quiet section of a display.

    One thing to mention is the clean and strong internal build quality and having both an e-match connector and visco option is great to see.
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  11. RCT

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    Filmed Nov 2019 from 70m
    Used this to slow things down before building back up to a full on final, worked perfectly.
    Great cake, and one that lots of people commented on afterwards.
    All the vivid pieces I fired, performed exactly like the Stock Videos, which is great to see.
    What you see is what you get ! Pure quality.
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    Must be my phone, but can’t open your videos. ☹️