vivid reapers!

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  1. these rockets look the dogs bollox 68nec!
    wouldnt mind some of these anyone point me in the right direction thanks

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  2. Not going to make it for BFN this year..
  3. RCT

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    That’s a shame, I don’t use many rockets anymore.
    But these do look like they might just beat the Sky Hunters.They do look very very good.
    I would have definitely bought a pack or two to find out :).
    My kids, well child and teenagers, favourite two fireworks, and one I buy just for them are interestingly both Hallmark.
    Sky Hunters and Blue star eruption, well at least they have good taste, and very good value taste :).
    Sorry off topic.
    The Reapers look like the new rocket to beat to me.
    I’m sure someone will do a shoot off when they do land , in time for new year ??
    Might just get a few myself.
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  4. AlanCee29

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    Aye, they look superb, defo try them next year when they land :cool:
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  5. Saltpetre

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    They look awesome ... will the landed product be the same ?
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  6. AlanCee29

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    That's the big question ain't it, but from what we've seen from @Vivid Pyrotechnics range, all seems good
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  7. paul s

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    Is it my eyes, or does that video run slow?

    If so, is that what makes the hang time appear long?

    Good rockets though.
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  8. AlanCee29

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    Hmmmm now you said this, having watched it on a big screen u may have a point here o_O
  9. Liam Gomersall

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    It does look to be running slow. Hang time is definitely effected IMO