W. Harbot & Co. Ltd. Fireworks Factory site visit

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    Been meaning to do this for some time. The site as it is now for the Harbots factory.
    It ran from otherside of the road from Westbury Control systems, along the railway embankment, to the point where the hedge heads back towards and through the Trent Furniture site and down towards the road by Regent Engineers. Everything in that triangle was a field at the time with the huts in it that were the Harbot factory. The line of huts ran through the area now occupied by Trent furniture.
    Princess St was the original office and house of Mr Harbot and early production was in a Nissan Hut on a plot of land at the end of Princess St. facing towards what is now the M1.

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    I can't remember now Kevin, but did you check this site on Britain From Above. I'm not sure the site existed back when you were doing your research and it has some 1950s photos.
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    I did check then and have just re-checked, nothing for that area........... if they did aerial for the M1 in planning stage then it must show on those as M1 is very close to top corner of the site......
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    I've located another witness to the Harbot site, more importantly they remember the explosion in one of the sheds and that it was an afternoon ....2 workers were injured and they have provided a possible name for one of the injured workers.......... waiting to hear if they know which year and what time of the year that this happened....... working through email and facebook so a bit slow at the moment. They do remember seeing the sheds on the site.......... they mentioned the explosion, I had made no mention of it to see if it would turn up in any witness accounts............
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    Yesterday I was at a family gathering at my sister in laws place. Earlier this year her youngest daughter got married to a Canadian lad who's father was born in England but left for Canada as a teenager.
    During a conversation with the lad I was amazed to be told his dad was born and brought up in Narborough during the war and into the early 50's. On hearing this I told him about the Harbot factory and showed him on Google earth where the factory was located. Turns out his father lived in a house just a few streets away from the Harbots site in the same time period that the factory was in use. A quick call from son to father established that he did remember the factory and also remembered it catching fire but couldn't at this moment remember exactly when it was. I'm hoping over the next few weeks to get as much info. from him about his time in Narborough and maybe an approximation for when it might have had the fire.
    What's really annoying was I had a conversation with the father at the time of the wedding at the reception do and it was never mentioned where in England he had come from before emigrating to Canada
    It's a very small world.
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    Armstrong's mix most likely. KClO3 and sulphur with a little red phosphorous. Some variations on those ingredients usually.
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    Do you know the location of the Melling site? I'm going to be near Melling soon, and it would be interesting to find the old location even if there's nothing left to see.