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  1. In this video I fire a brand new W.T.F! Cake Box from Vivid Pyrotechnics. The barrage box consists of 8, 64 shot cakes and each piece has a 20mm tube diameter and matching NEC count of 499.2 grams. For the purpose of this video I linked all contents to create one large compound and the performance was absolutely staggering! The frantic pace was completley exhilerating, the firework had beautiful vivid colour and the variety of effect types was superb. NEC count 3993.6g.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

    Bore size: 20mm

    NEC: 3993.6g

    RRP: £349.99

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    That was quick. :D
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  3. Wonder if a fanned one will be in next year ??