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    Welcome to the new forum for discussion of all fuse and fusing related matters for consumer fireworks. Now this subject is permitted on UKFR it has become a "hot topic" so I have created a new forum to help keep things organised :D

    Just one important reminder: The legal situation regarding fusing by consumers is still unclear after much debate. It is thought that MSER makes allowance for the use of fuse providing it is done at the place of intended display and it is on this basis we accept discussions on the subject. However UKFR is in no way saying that fusing activities are legal, so they are done so entirely at your own risk. Posts which show or discuss unsafe practices, or the use of fuse and fusing at places other than the place of intended display, may be edited or removed. UKFR reminds readers to be careful not to self incriminate.

    UKFR also reminds readers that the use of fuse is potentially dangerous and should never be attempted without proper tuition, guidance or experience. Again, UKFR acts solely as a medium for people to discuss the subject, it accepts no responsibility or liability for any readers actions or the accuracy or safety of any information posted in this forum. If in doubt, don't do it!

    Posts which become useful guides or articles will be moved over to the Guides and articles forum - so do check there if you are looking for advice on how to fuse fireworks.

    Questions from newbies are welcome - we'd rather you asked for advice than trying something unsafe. We all remember the first time we wanted to go beyond the usual back garden display and become more creative. Just bear in mind the scope of this forum is to promote the safe and sane use of fireworks, so please respect this. We are not able to cover other subjects such as "making your own fireworks" and discussions about taking fireworks apart will be removed - stick to fusing please :)

    Notice to suppliers of fuse: Any posts made by fuse suppliers - who are not bonafide UKFR advertisers - hawking their own products will be deleted and the user account suspended. Please don't spam this forum!

    Professional firers should continue to use the Pro Forum.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.