Welsh firework manhunt

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  2. Bright sparks north Wales

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    Hi Karl,

    We have already done it. Very frustrating indeed. The complaints are regarding a single unknown bang happening at random times (some early morning etc). Some of our crew have heard the noise and are not convinced it's even a firework!

    We will keep you all posted with the response...
  3. Owen93

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  4. It was me @Owen93 . I've actually had friends messaging to ask if it's me making the noise (a few know I like my pyro!) and I've set them straight. However I had to respond directly to the police Facebook post last night as their statement and ignorance of the actual laws was bloody ridiculous. I did think maybe someone from @Bright sparks north Wales would follow up on this one too, so it's good to see they're being called out from various sources :D
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  5. Surely a well worded letter from the BFA threatening legal action against the force would soon sort them out?
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  6. by ther sounds of it is it not a birdscarer? using gas or bang ropes.
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  7. Tinderbox

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    Jesus. Coppers need to learn the law before attempting to act like coppers.
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  8. wilkins1kc

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  9. The Fireworkers

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    Sgt Jones wants to live in a rural village, the crow scarers start at 6 am and continue pretty much randomly in sequences of about 4 all day, they are pyro devices round here as well you can see the smoke come off them when the fire, I am generally riding my horse about 20 metres away and 'surprisingly' she's fine, she doesn't mind fireworks either, our neighbours literally beg us for fireworks at random events throughout the year - they are all de-sensitised! The animals don't care either - the view round here is its our 'factory' floor so tough basically, good for us lot though..... farmers love the loud stuff, bigger the better
  10. gareth71

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    Strangely, Llangollen *is* in a fairly rural area - it's a town in the Dee Valley in north-east Wales, surrounded by a lot of small rural communities and farming. So you'd think they'd be used to that sort of thing.
  11. Jon

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    I find bird scarers don't worry my horses or hounds when illegally fox hunting.......ooops shouldn't have said that! That is a real crime........ :p
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  12. The Fireworkers

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    I just think its interesting when you can offer both sides of the story, we operate displays and own supposedly 'sensitive' animals - i do honestly believe with good training and a sensible approach from the owner i.e. don't bloody panic when any noise happens and relay it to your animals, most will be fine, if they don't like it they will take themselves off somewhere until they are finished - trouble is today we are getting some chickens, they might be a different story altogether! But I can start the training process...... :D