What’s happened the Viper fireworks

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  1. just wondered what had happened to Viper, there was a great deal of hype around them a couple of years back, but haven’t heard anything about them in a while
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    I remember with the selections people felt let down after the hype. Were nothing special except a couple of cakes. Perhapse they didn't stand out enough against the rest in an industry companies like royal party, kimbikton and fireworks international were in trouble
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  4. And all those companies went out of business
  5. I feel sorry for viper, they put there trust and took advice from the wrong guy who shafted them.
    I remember commenting once on a family box Neil put on and got shot down by him but I was basically saying they looked poor perceived value, they followed the old royal party box’s and failed mainly because who wants a 1.3g family box, as in stockists not punters
    Hopefully they might carry on and recover
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    A Shop in solihull birmingham stock them. Theyve just started selling celtic last year too. Average prices.
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  7. I had Spitfire, the artwork was great and it had a high nec and was full fo fireworks. but then they just seemed to basically do similar effects, similar colours and it wasn't so much of a selection. wasn't a bad box, but I think people were expecting a bit more.
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    Really?!! wow had no idea.