What’s more reliable?

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  1. Last year I used an electric firing system for part of my display for the first time. I used talon igniters and had a handful of failiures, so this year will be using consumer match igniters in hope for a more reliable ignition.
    I’m planning on firing 2 fireworks from a few cue’s and was wondering if I’m better off using two igniters - one on each individual firework fuse, or better off fusing the fireworks together and using just 1 igniter? Or would both of these methods together be the most reliable? so fusing the fireworks together and an ignitier on each firework fuse as well?
    Thanks Joe
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    i would just put i consumer match on each to be honest and then wire them in series into the firing system to ensure you can check continuity on both igniters
  3. Thanks for the reply @mike frost I always get confused with this series and parallel stuffo_O

    Would series mean just one strand of one igniter into the firing system and the other strand twisted onto the other igniter etc. and parallel means 2 igniters both going directly into the firing system?
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    bang on mate
  5. Cheers thanks for that
  6. Only use the exact same ignotors if wiring in series. I would ignite both items and fuse them together if possible.
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    Fusing together is the cheaper option as only one igniter ;), however, as others have said as long as the igniters are the same batch you could easily firing them in series. If not from the same batch you could fire in parallel but you would have to test manually for continuity as the firing system would show both or either so one might be faulty.
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  8. I've only used talons a couple of times and found them to be too unpredictable and unreliable Depending on the pulse strength and duration being delivered from your firing module they may not give out enough heat to light the fuse. That's been my experience anyway. E-matches on the other hand seem to ignite very readily.
  9. I’m not sure what exactly it was but I certainly had more failiures than expected. It could have been down to breaking the filaments when attaching to the fuse whilst setting up, but I did them all the same way etc they were only 0.5m too
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    Strange, did they show continuity because that would prove if the bridge wire was broken?
  11. All cue’s showed the green light indicating continuity, however some cues were wired in parallel so doesn’t give an accurate indication to every ignitier in that cue. Hopefully using the consumer match igniters wired in series this year will prevent it from happening again
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    One thing I did discover last year. I had a cake that failed on bfn. I used it again nye and it failed again. On closer inspection I discovered the visco was too thin and the talon wasn't making contact. Other than that I have had very few failures over the years. However they are slow. I have switched to ematch this year to see how they fair.