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    Well, not posted on here for a little while as I have been playing catch up with everything.
    Lots of great things happening for Chorlton Fireworks & Prestigious Pyrotechnics.

    After the success of Lightning Strike last year we decided to add a few more items to the Prestigious range. With the help of leading UK suppliers we have now added.

    Lightning Hawks which is our version of the famous hawk rockets but they do have a bit more powder in them compared to a lot of hawks out there.

    Lightning Bolt is our new 36 shot cake which has silver spinners as each shot rises , producing large bursts of coloured strobe effects. Stunning!

    Lightning Flash is our new 49 shots firework. Unfortunately like a lot of other fireworks, its arriving late October but this one is worth waiting for in my opinion.
    :love:It finishes on 2 volleys of 7 shots and a final volley of 14 shots :love:

    The Dirty Dozen is our new 12 pack a stunning mix of quality fireworks

    We have also added our own range of premium Confetti Cannons to our Prestigious Party Range which includes our Ice Fountains and soon Party Poppers.

    Away from our efforts on building our own little range of product we have also taken delivery of new fireworks from Zeus fireworks , Absolute Fireworks , Celtic Fireworks , Imperial Lotus , Jorge , Klasek & Jonathan's Fireworks

    If we can help if anyway please feel free to PM me

    Have a great BFN and stay safe!

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