What did you all get up to nye

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  2. WR3_Pyro

    WR3_Pyro Supports UKFR

    If that’s a back garden display then I am super impressed :)
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  3. communal area behind my friends flats, one of the residents works for the council and kindly got us permission :)
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  4. WR3_Pyro

    WR3_Pyro Supports UKFR

    Nice I bet the residents loved it :) (hopefully aha!)
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  5. pyroplayer

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    Fired the 1812 Overture for a hogmanay wedding for the bells

  6. Flowerpot Master

    Flowerpot Master Pro Firer/Crew

    I actually had no shows this year so went and got wrecked lol!
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  7. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    Fired a show on the llyn peninsula, beautiful night with no clouds and listening to the waves fall on to the beach before firing was a real calming moment for me after a not to great a year.
  8. 7 min wedding show
    Then made it home with 45 mins to spare to deploy my own, grab a shower, neck 6 beers and upset the locals but see the new year in with friends and family.
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  9. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Lit 4 x Redemptions all at once. No footage. Tequila.
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  10. RocketRev

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    Enjoying a glass of Madeira wine & slice of Bolo de Mel - both bought on holiday in Madeira during the year - while watching the London fireworks on TV, at home with Mrs RR.

    2019 was a nothing spent on Pyro, nothing lit - apart from 4 confetti streamer pods of Lemaitre stage effects for a church service - for me.
    I did see plenty of pyro though - in Valencia & Southport and some trade demos.
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  11. Hay that was a nice show and nicely filmed
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  12. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    The community display I went to over New Year was great, all shop-bought F2/F3, huge bonfire, no incidents, fire engine there on standby and fully marshalled, massive village turnout in the pub/hall with sales of food helping towards costs. Not very many anti-fireworks people in that part of Suffolk!
  13. I don't usually fire on NYE but this year I had one of the Klasek cakes leftover. We fired it in a local location. There was quite a bit going off, but probably fair to say it set the standard!
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  14. Kinda late on editing and posting this but I still wanted to share it with you guys and gals :D
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  15. Had a display as I didn't have one for bfn, invited everyone from the village, huge bonfire, hotdogs, burgers,jacket spuds, tea, coffee, mulled wine. Great night.
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  16. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Well done - nicely fired and great to see it from the firer's point of view :)
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  17. GTRpyro

    GTRpyro Pro Firer/Crew

    A few clips taken from someone who filmed most of the show from my position. Was only 6 min 34 second script, but only managed to get about 5 mins of it in sections. Also cursed by the wind blowing the complete opposite direction to normal at this time of year and the VIV48Z-001 cake that was meant to fire as slices to match / acompany the handful of rockets throughout the show (as it did on the 1st 'slice'), s**t itself during the crossette Z cake, leaving the bottom half a bit blank every so often. Gave a nice peacock effect though ;)...

    Also got 3 short snippets from someone who filmed from their window just over 3/4 of a mile away. They loved the show too (as usual)...

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