What happened to winners?

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  1. went to go to winners discount store ( part of jtf ) lowestoft today to see what fireworks they had and its no longer there :(. very dissapointed as this is where i got most of my fireworks from last year for a good price just wondering what has happened to winners. i have got to try and find somewhere else localish now. i live in yarmouth there is sod all apart from 1 toy shop that sells a few bits and half of them are dancing red devil which he wants full rrp for. sorry about the rant but it just seems every year there are less and less places to buy from on the east coast.
  2. Just had a quick look for you ( bored on a night shift) and there is next to none in your area. The only one I could find was the following company unless I've totally got the wrong location you are at. Unless there is another Yarmouth!

    Atomic Storm Fireworks
    St Edmunds Barn
    Church Road
    South Burlingham
    NR13 4EU
    Tel: 01493 750986
    Mob: 07764159982
    E-mail: ebishop@atomicstorm.co.uk

    Company Reg: 5643594

    I'm in no way connected to the place
    Just a bored google search!
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    Homebase are selling fireworks (Standard i think) have you one local..;)
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    most retailers on here do a courier service so buy on line
  5. Are any of the standard fireworks from homebase any good? (I get 20% discount on top if so!)
  6. pyro plim

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    I have not tried them myself but they look like the normal ones that are for sale in all year shops and not the supermarket cack..:)
  7. I will have to check out atomic storm. As for homebase that closed down sataday. I would do the mail order thing but i only have 80 quid spare this year so postage would be a big chunk of the funds thanks.
  8. To answer the original question, I guess they "closed down dear".

    Cue the tumbleweed.
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    If you want to put an order in to Firework Crazy i'm going to pick up on Saturday then you would just have to pick up from me in Ipswich.
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  10. just going back to your question have you tried Godsfreys in lowestoft, they have a large range and are giving 20% off and some things have got 50% off. i think they do palnet, firework international, brother, black cat and standard.
  11. thanks for all the offers and help. i am taking the afternoon off work to pop over to norwich and have a look about and maybe find somewhere that has some goodies :)
  12. sorry thats Godfreys
  13. Hi Debo, I'm in Lowestoft too! Godfreys has some great fireworks, check them out! also kerrison toys in both Yarmouth & Norwich! :)
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    Ah the good old tumbleweed .It used too follow a lot of my jokes i miss that emoticon :(..:)
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    Godfrey.s of Lowestoft
    2-3 Suffolk Road
    NR32 1DZ

    Certainly got good stock.
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    This Godfrey ??Surely not :p:)

  17. Dan


    Winners went several months ago, Think it was before Christmas last year?

    Godfreys//Cash Generator/The New Shoe Makers In Lowestoft all sell fireworks, Also there is a shop next to the New Spring Tide (Opposite Asda) Which is opening in a few days but no idea what/who they are as of yet :)