What is your favourite firework label?

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    there are so many to choose from.......... difficult :(
  3. image.jpg
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    Don't remember this design but this is one I have been trying to get for a long time, at last picked one up in Jan. this year.
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    MLE's retail range from a few years back had some wonderfully unusual names and label designs. IIRC, Mat's mum told me they were designed by his sister!

    I haven't got any examples and haven't seen them on-line anywhere. If you see this, Mat, could you post up some of the artwork?
  6. it is a very distant memory and this was the only thing that looks about the right age, that came up when i googled it.
    standard fireworks - traffic light.jpg standard fireworks - traffic lights.jpg the one of the left looks familiar looking at at late 80's to early 90's. I'm not sure about the packaging so much, but this firework started everything
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  7. My new fav label

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  8. We ought to have a competition and see what label design/artwork some of the members could come up with using a maximum of 5 colours and a minimum of 2 :cool:
  9. Yep I used to love the mine of serpants from standard in the 80's , but my favourite was the jet scream.
    very simple designs but still enjoyable after all these years