What software do you use?

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  1. Dodgey

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    With Finale Business becoming extinct some time after 2020, and the new Pro software costing over $1000 a year, what alternatives are there, both visual and non-visual? And most importantly , cost less than $1000 a year!
  2. Pyro Ignition Control :) Free, does have quite a lot of useful features beyond just simple scripting - can create effect database, rack control, print out labels etc. Does not have visual simulation, however. A lot of things could improve, but it is free.
  3. Sean Smythe

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    I have to agree with you it is a very useful tool, simple to use and can script pyromusicals quite easily. Doesnt have visualisation but hell that's what the imagination is for ;););). And to top it all its totally free.
  4. Hy, pyro ignition control to be very limited there are certain companies, not pyrosure etc
  5. DannyB

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    I really don't understand Finale's marketing model. It was a great product that was selling well so they got rid of the consumer product, low value but higher volume pricing an awful lot of people out of the market. Now they have got rid of Business and only dealing with Pro, so doing the same again but worse! The development of the product is basically the same for the lower versions, they are the top version minus bits so the only cost is support, whilst that's not a cheap thing to provide there are a raft of options to do it for a reasonable price! If I was an importer who'd put my product database into Finale I'd be properly pissed off right now that they seem to be trying to eliminate their customers!
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    @Mikepyro81 - I use PyroIgnition for Pyrosure

    As you say, it isn't directly compatible but if you are competent with a spreadsheet, you can re-order the sequence to Ignition times and re-map 1/12 to A1, etc - I've created a few shows now using four modules and more recently 6 modules

    PM me if you a copy of my spreadsheet would be of interest :)
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  7. fireTEK

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    I recommend fwsim which offers advanced 3D simulation. It cost only 399 Euro (without discount), can be used for 2 computers and it has one year free update to any new version. I can offer 10% discount from the the website price of no fireTEK client and 20% on fireTEK clients.
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    ...anyone recommend anything a complete noob like me could use for scripting pyro to music, and is free to use!
  9. scoops

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    Fwsim has a free trial version and then one you can buy for a bout 30£, cheap for a bit of fun
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  10. deans6571

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    ...thanks for that link - appreciated. ;)

    So my next question is obviously gonna be - which type of firing systems would work with FWSIM?
  11. scoops

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    The pro version can be used on a few systems I believe but I just use the 30£ version for visualization of display and then repeat process onto finale
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  12. FWSIM all the way. - simple and inexpensive.
    Easy to create firing script and labels and spreadsheets. That have be angle measures and more.
  13. hofnerite

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    You bunch of lightweights, I've only ever used Excel!
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  14. Adam Blastock

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    Are there any new features coming??? @Wireless Pyro Solutions
  15. Pyro Igniton Control is not made by WPS. It is a third party software that is compatible with multiple firing systems, so I cannot really talk for the creator.