What's NEW for 2021

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  1. dazuto

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    Will be adding those to my shopping list :)
  2. WR3_Pyro

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    This could cause a stir on here :cool: intrigued!!!

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  3. danielpyronutter

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    Maybe a 30mm version
  4. maxywell

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    Would be good if it was but 80 shots, max nec per shot of 12.5 grams i'm guessing 25mm.
  5. hofnerite

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  6. maxywell

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    That looks good, finale is a bit like brexit.
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  7. Mate. just watched this again with a fresh pair of eyes

    F- me. That’s all I could say at the end

  8. The above are all New fireworks from Black Cat & Standard Fireworks

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  10. Funke Dreamscape 30mm 150 shot compound.
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  11. Stunning, one of my favourite new pieces so far :wub:
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  12. Funke Yggdrasil 30mm 100 shot compound.
  13. maxywell

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    Funke and vivid have definitely raised the bar when it comes to colours.
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  14. And now I have found my favourite!
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  15. Different class Wayne, utter quality.
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  16. Funke Metaphor 30mm 100 shot compound.