What's your ride (Car/s)?

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  1. Deflagration

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    Does this count.jpg

    Does this count? :whistle:
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  2. SouthEastPyro91

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    Here’s my modified 2006 BMW E60 530d Msport

    270bhp 620nm.

    Full tank lasts me a month F4102EE5-88C0-4060-91C9-E5BF0EADFB2E.jpeg

    not everyone’s taste but I like it
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  3. Illusion Fireworks

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    This is my controversial beast, absolutely love it but looking forward to upgrading to the V8 next year :)

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  4. K9Girl

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    Love the number plate ;)
  5. blackbat

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    Me too, despite its slightly dodgy spacing :)
  6. BMW 116i



    GFB DSV+ Valve

    Pipercross Panel Filter

    Custom back box

    4D Plates

    Gloss Black Double Slot Kidney Grills

    Blue Crash Bar Covers

    Red Start Button

    Bosh Aero Wipper Blades

    LED Fog Lights

    MST Performance Silicone Intake Induction Hose

    Vibe POWERBOX65.4BMW3 Optisound amp

    12mm & 15mm wheel spacers

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/45 ZR17 (94Y) XL


    Acoustical Lock/Unlock Sound - Active

    Acoustical Lock/Unlock Sound Volume - Loud

    Sport Displays - Active

    Sport Display Colour - Red

    Tire Pressure Control - Show Temperature & Pressure

    Indicators Flashing On Locking - 1 Time

    Indicators Flashing on Unlocking - 2 Times

    Auto Stop Start Off By Default - Active

    Cornering Lights Activation - Active

    Welcome Lights Fog Light - Soft On

    Daytime Running Light Rear Outer - Active

    Convent Opening Delay - 1 second

    Convent Closing Delay - 0.5 seconds

    Fog Light Warm Monitoring- Not Active

    Fog Light Cold Monitoring- Not Active

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  7. Lee boy

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    nice :cool:. What bhp is it mate? If you did say so already my bad ain’t got my specs on :D
  8. I didn’t heheh. She is

    225.5 BHP
    303 NM

    I catches lots of people out being rapid. Keeping it to half a tank as well help with it being lighter. Tesco Moment 99 as well as E10 sucks and E5 is semi okay.