Which Generator for small PA setup?

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Dodgey, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Dodgey

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    As we are doing more and more small to medium musical shows I'm tiring of the stress of marshalling people over and away from power cables. I've already had one pissed up wedding guest trip out the entire power system when trying to "help" by unplugging a tree spotlight - 32amp plug, in the rain, just as my display started :p and the most recent display went fine but I had to reset the trip on the garage I was getting power from, and herd 20 teenagers who'd been playing "beer pong" away from the cables at show time. So much fun noone ever mentions when you get into this gig :)

    Soo.. I want a genny. Enough for my EP2500 (EP4000) amp. Quiet enough - not expecting miracles, and movable by one person without getting a hernia. I really want this a small and light as possible whilst delivering enough power. I believe sign wave is the way to go? Though I've happily run the setup and full power off a lighting generator.

    All suggestions welcome.
  2. What's the total power you will pull?
  3. Dodgey

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    2400Watts - just the amp. That's on full tilt mind you - which I dont' go near. I've been glancing at 2.4-2.8Kw generators. The Amp is a proper coil amp - not class D, hence it can happily run off a genny.
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    I'm not really in the know about coil amps, but assuming there is electronics you need to make sure you get one that is 'electronics friendly' so needs to be pure sign wave and not a modified sign wave.
    We use the Stanley SIG2000. Only rated at 1600watts continuous with a 2000watt peak.
    Sometimes we use two of them, depending on how big a musical it is and how many speakers etc. we have out.
  5. We've got one of these

    KIPOR Ig2600 Sinemaster Digital
  6. Dodgey

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    Cheers. WIll look at those.

    Like I said, I'm also interested in non-inverter ones as I've happily run my amp of a standard genny, and the only other thing is the mixer, which is 12v of a dropper, so unnafected.

    The Kipor seems very light for the power, which I like. The Stanley seems not as good value in terms of power but is lighter again.

    Checked my amp and i'd be using max 900w stereo at 8 Ohms (450 per chan) . 2400watts is mono bridged 2 ohm. That cuts me some slack.
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  7. Arthur

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    Your choice of genset will be much happier if you can put a moderate steady load on it all the time (say 10% of full load). Often the engine power control doesn't cope well with audio load fluctuations, especially the bass.
  8. Dodgey

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    Interesting! - What are people out there doing regarding this?

    I've noticed that some of the generators have the ability to switch auto throttle on and off. I have to assume off = full throttle?
  9. We don’t have the auto on
  10. Dodgey

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    So what do run off yours amp wise \ equipment ?
  11. We run RCF 312 Active speakers from ours and the mixer. Never had any issues.
  12. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    Ahh ok, so around 1000w rms from both at max. Thanks for the info.

  13. We run the kippor 2800 as well each runs 4 of the Beringer bd18s and one will run mixer and radio mics as well 25m from the audience they don't hear them at all.
  14. Arthur

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    For generators in fields there is the full Wiring Regs and BS 7909 - temp elec for entertainment to comply with. HOWEVER there is a get out clause for installations under 6KW. SO don't get a generator more than 6KW unless you are a seriously competent electrician.
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  15. Dodgey

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    I want to buy the kipor 2600 as it leaves plenty of headroom for future expansion for the sake of an extra 80squid. However, I think I'm going to grab the kipor 2000 as it is almost 10kg lighter and I struggle with my back, and there is no point having a genny if I don't take it with me. My amp is almost 20kg and I'd not want to lift much more weight into a trailer \ van.

    My amp should not push much over 1000w into two 8ohm speakers so the 2000 should be perfectly happy (1600w continuous)
  16. Pyro Ed

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    You would be better to go for a non inverter model but with AVR regulation, reason being that if the inverter dies, usually the generator ends up in the bin. AVR's are easy to replace - trouble is they are heavier. For ultimate reliability - go with a Honda inverter - especially if your reputation depends on it.

    The EP2500 will do around 500w rms per channel into 8ohm load. On average at full volume you will be between 1/5 and 1/3 the RMS power, so average power draw could be a surprisingly low at around 400w. Measure it if you don't believe me ;)

    Bass is a bit of a different matter, for a while before my big upgrade I ran with 3 EP2500s, two of them for bass in bridge mono into 4 ohms so able to use their full 2400wrms ability. If I used a mains cable with a 5amp and not 13 amp fuse, I could blow them within a few minutes. Current draw on all three amps would peak around 20 amps or so, which was pretty much on the limit of the Kipor KDE6700STA I had.

    Whilst on the subject. I have 6x B1520Pro speakers for sale if anyone is interested. £150/pair

    Oh and as a final note. I now run all class D amps on generators, and have had no problems at all.
  17. Dodgey

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    Thankd Ed - good info. Hmmm (and yes, I believe you).
  18. Gala Fireworks

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    Don't confuse the output wattage of the amplifier with it's power consumption... I'd be surprised if that amp pulls 1000 watts at 240v?
  19. Gala Fireworks

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    I just read the manual, for that model it quotes a max power consumption of 5 amps at 230V which is 1150 Watts...
  20. We ran a 20k amp last night plus control from a 5k Honda inverter Genny the PA was only pulling 4amps most of the time