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    Whilst in Lockdown I decided to take advantage of my free time and clean the engine bays of the cars, as well as order a shed lot of new cleaning products to try in the coming months, sorry I couldn't get a before and after as I remembered once I had done the engine bay of the Volvo phone battery cut out completely, I got one snap and that was it :(

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  2. Nice I cleaned mine today, well the outside looks loads better and should stay clean for longer as no one Is really using the roads anymore.
    Iv order some cleaning products from @UKChrisT and couldnt be more happy!! Definitely recommend you getting some to try!!
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  3. UKChrisT

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    Thanks for the recommendation.

    I own www.hdcarcare.co.uk, plenty of cleaning products for you to choose from! :)

    25% off at the moment too using code "Spring".
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    I'm getting cabin fever, so am trying to take photos of the International Space Station. Not a long exposure, I mean a photo showing the actual station. The problem is it's 300 miles high and moving at 17,000mph and I only have a point and shoot consumer camera. But then with a few more months of lockdown I fancy a challenge ;)
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    I'll have a butchers @UKChrisT if I'd have known prior I'd have probably got some things, always good to help a fellow member out :cool:

    Yeah Good Luck with that @Pyro Pete I've been trying to look at it via the naked eye, even with a P1000 ur still gona struggle me thinks Pete, will look forward to seeing ur attempts :D
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  6. Pyro Pete

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    @AlanCee29 I'd love one of those P1000s with 125x optical zoom I think you could get a decent image with one of those.
  7. RocketRev

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    P1000? Not with the tiny sensor it has. I'll pass.

    The photographyblog image quality review is here:
    I've a feeling I'd also be disappointed with the loss of detail at the long end of the zoom.

    One of my "lockdown" projects will be to sort out my next camera gear purchases. I've some inheritance to come following my mum's death last month and my last main camera gear spend was with an inheritance that came my way when her sister died 5 years ago. Back then I used photographyblog a lot.

    BTW I had a Nikon S9600 a few years ago and that's been binned - I got really fed up with the quality at the long end of it's zoom. And it had the same sized sensor as the P1000.
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    Had a nice clear view just before 8 last night @Pyro Pete in the western sky, sun reflecting of it a treat