Why are so many RhinoFire Step13 Sequencers up for sale?

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Simon Weir, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. As an owner of four of these firing modules, recently benefitting from picking up another pristine module via a fellow UKFR member, I cannot understand why there is such a need to sell.

    True if funds are required it is an easy decision to sell a RhinoFire over a FireStorm or Cobra unit but as an advocate of RhinoFire and as I use multiple modules in each display I fire, I wanted to stand up for the creative flexibility having a RhinoFire to hand is, and encourage people to kit their module if funds allow.

    It also strikes me that market forces have shown that a second hand unit is now worth circa £150 and when compared to new from Andrew that is a good purchase if you do not have a module in your system kit.

    In my recent purchase it was sad that it was a reluctant sell, due to unfortunate circumstances and I will give this new module a great home and I understand completely and have empathy for the seller needing to break up their kit, which they had created with pride, but in general is it just that this is my first year that it seems to me January is the month to take stock and simplify our kit?
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    The Rhino is a bit of a strange one, I use them regularly and like them but if your investing in a firing system I like to have everything matching.

    Also as it’s at the cheaper end a lot of home users or members of crew who want a little set up of there own might invest in a unit or two.
    Then this time of year people are short of funds once the Christmas credit card bill lands and it’s a way of raising a few quid, for something that may sit on the shelf unused for another 10 or 11 months.
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    Many crews use Cobra now days plus the change of classification on ematches and quick match have made many hobbyists sell up.

    Ive been doing cat 3 for years.

    Ive sold all my kit and given up
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    So have the likes of wireless Fireworks stopped selling ematch now?
  5. hofnerite

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    Not yet.

    I'm sure eBay will still list them long after any changes. *hopefully*
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    I think there was a time when rhinofire filled a price gap but most of these people used it as a stepping stone investment. With so many expandable and relatively cheap systems on the market like firetek, Cobra, wps people would rather buy into a brand and stick with all the same kit rather than mix....well that's what I think anyway!
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    Not sure you you include firetek in "cheap systems" .

    I don't use sequencers because as said, I don't want different kit, and it adds complexity to script programming. You end up with "off script" & "off system" cues that need manually checking. I've got a couple of kingdom sequencers. Use them once in 5 years.
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    If you ever want to shift them at bargain bin prices, I'm all ears ;)
  9. Dodgey

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    Problem is they are borrowed from a mate, so not really mine ;-p
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  10. the rhino was the first I had then bought a few kingdom 10s
    all work great with our homemade push button firing system
    last year moved into cobra and not looked back, still use all the others at times though,