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  1. gareth71

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    Some sad news this morning - I'm hearing that Wilf Scott, legend of the fireworks industry, has passed away. :(
  2. That is devastating news, I am so honoured to have had the chance to perform for him and meet him at Southport last year. I will treasure his signed books and prints that were gifted to me after the competition.

    A very sad day for UK Fireworks :(
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    That's really sad news :(
  4. mel

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    Very sad news

    First met Wilf in Malta, sat there for hours listening to his Pyro story’s

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    met wilf on a few occasions Catton hall and Southport always enjoyed his stories whilst sat in the bar :) a very fascinating man and a legend in the pyro world.
  6. Jake01

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    He was a top chap and it was a pleasure to have known him.
  7. Pyromania

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    Really sad to hear this - I never had the chance to meet him personally, though I did catch a glimpse of him at Southport, but I remember watching his display at Catton Hall some years back now and being wowed by it, and then after seeing his work reading more into his life with fireworks - he certainly worked on some amazing projects through his years in pyro.

    A very talented man, with a rich back catalogue of work who will be greatly missed in the U.K. (and indeed world) fireworks scene. :(
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    I think this image says everything about the high regard in which he was held by all ...
  9. Sad news, like many never had chance to meet him, but have heard much about him.
  10. Sad loss for the industry, remember firing next to him when we competed at Plymouth many moons ago.

    His best quote we remember when being interviewed live by the BBC for doing a display for the Queen.

    He was asked what was gonna be the best part of the display, he replied "when the display ends, we pack up the vans, shut the doors and bugger off home"

    They soon cut back to the studio
  11. geoff

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    This is very sad news he put on some wonderful displays.
  12. Spent a lot of time with wilf over many years. Used to visit his home in richmond regularly. Every time he had something new to show me. You could never get bored of his stories or his tours of memories all through his house. His model train collection was amazing. Always stopped and turned looked up on the wall and said me n mum. Was wilf at the palace with the queen. Stories of his tours in pyro, we're always good to listen to I'd read them in his book. But wilf telling them with his laugh and smile was always better. He will be sadly missed in a lot of personal lives and in the pyro world. They certainly broke the mold when they made you wilf RIP my friend
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    Details of Wilf funeral

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    Thanks Mel.
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