Will people throw brexit parties on the 31st jan?

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  1. Thoughts on will we as a nation celebrate leaving the EU? Could it become a date we celebrate over the years or am I just hoping it gives us another excuse to scratch the pyro itch?
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  2. Perhaps sales of these will go through the roof:

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  3. hofnerite

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    Why? You really think it's going to happen in a month's time? :D:toldoff:
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  4. maxywell

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    Would be nice if it did happen but i think most people would rather forget about it once it's done.
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  5. RocketRev

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    No Way! I'd rather be anti-fireworks!
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  6. Flowerpot Master

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    I'll only celebrate something worth celebrating like if they made it a bank holiday lol!
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  7. Arthur

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    Can we have a firework worthy celebration at a warm dry time of year please?
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  8. I wont be celebrating personally but i can see how others might be tempted....
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  9. Flame

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    Pyrokid, yours could be a very apt avatar
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  10. Tinderbox

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    Not something I'll be celebrating. I'll be hiding away in shame of what we've become as a nation... Besides, who needs an excuse to let fireworks off? Not me!
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  11. A day of celebration for me
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  12. Tinderbox

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    Good luck.
  13. I see it as a win for fireworks, Conservatives love fireworks, other political parties would of been up for scrapping tradition if it meant they could look ‘progressive’ whatever the fuck that means :’) what we were going to become is a nation riddled with the type of people protesting last night in London calling for.. wait for it.. democracy.
  14. Pyro Ed

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    They are going to have to wait for a LONG LONG time yet. It's not even begun yet...
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  15. Dodgey

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    Brexit celebrations ? You'll get linched by angry mobs for being a racist and a xenophobe, an idiot, and now, antisocial. Just best to keep quiet about it, just like we all did running up to the election, securing the massive landslide.
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  16. Ah politics?! Best that you all stick to pyro I think
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  17. Pyro Pete

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    We're trying to :p
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  18. Quite surprised at the amount of consumers, purchasing fireworks and rockets for January 31st.
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  19. Our shop is technically closed in January what with preparing for Spring Fair and all that but we were forced to open the doors this week for Brexiters.

    My (only funny to myself it seems) comment that we only accept Euros didn't go down as well as I expected.
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  20. Flame

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    I hope you both reminded everybody (after they'd paid of course) that we don't leave till 23:00 by which time it is illegal to set off fireworks.:rolleyes: