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  1. Can anyone tell me what the maximum wind speed is for cat 2 / 3 fireworks, and the recommended maximum speed that you would be happy to fire (with safety of the crowd in mind)?

    Thank you.
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    This is a really difficult question for multiple reasons, best thing to do is fire a roman candle at setup to determine wind speed and direction.

    The main problem is accurately measuring it, A) we all know you can't trust a forecast B) the wind speed at the height fireworks break could be significantly different to the speed at ground level where you would be able to measure it.

    I am sure someone will be able to say 'if XYZ is forecast your going to be in trouble' from experiance to give you some clue.

    final fact(I am sure you're aware) Rockets travel into the wind on the way up then come pretty well straight or with the wind on the way down
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    another thing you would possibly want to think about is wind direction.....
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    Yeah, I read the OP a bit quick and skipped over

    Surely has to be most important!
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    Spot on @Bucksend, and a lot of people forget that. Also remember that the higher the wind speed, the lower the breaks on Shot Tubes can be! So if you have a hanging effect like a Super Brocade, then you can get it coming down to consider the surroundings.
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    I have suffered this numerous times with horsetails and willows. Not always have to be super windy for it to happen but a constant breeze and it can end up burning on the ground.
  7. I've always thought a slight breeze helps with those sort of effects, obviously not too strong.Being dead calm can be just as bad as being windy when it comes to the spectators, nothing worse than watching a glowing cloud of smoke for 15 minutes.
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