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  1. blackbat

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  2. My WPS Pro bundle arrived yesterday. Have been playing with the PyroIgnition software and checking it syncs ok with the mote etc.

    All good and looks like a great bit of kit.

    Quick question: when loading the cues into the pyroignition software I have the Pro and Mote synched on Channel 1.

    The software lists each cue as an 'output'. Output 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

    Am I right in thinking that outputs 1-12 would be on the Slat plugged into A on the unit. And outputs 13-24 would be on the Slat plugged into B on the unit. And so on?

  3. Yes, Output 12 will be A12, Output 13 will be B1, Output 144 will be L12
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    Make a quick reference chart @AndMar

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    I have a question regarding the pyroignition software - does the handfire mode work? I was just playing around with it and couldn't get handfire to do anything. Not that I would be manually firing off my laptop anyway - just curious :).

    It's nice to see the pyroignition file format is a simple text format as I'll be able to modify an excel VBA script I have to create a fire file direct from a Finale CSV output.
  6. You can also export directly from Finale to CSV AFAIK and upload to WPS mote:

    To make handfire work, you have to right click on the cue in the list, then add to single group:
    Then, press on the same cue Group->Add to handfire -> select which button
    And it should show up on the right:

    I don't know why it is implemented that way, but it's there.
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    Thanks for that - I had no idea I could right click on a cue and get those options!
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    I was trying to figure the exact same thing, I’m thinking useful if a cue does not go and you need to prevent to much dark sky! Thanks Ivars