Wishes and hopes for 2021-2022 products

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    The one thing I'd love to see in 2021 (and beyond) new products is more single effect cakes and semi-pro effects aimed at enthusiats who are mainly firing in community/party settings (with appropriate PLI!)

    VIVID had a cracking selection in 2020 and I used quite a few of their products, including slices. Some of Funke's products are also fantastic. Celtic's fan cakes are also great. More products along these lines would be very welcome!

    There's limited F3 product out there that lends its self to synchronizing a show by colour, effect, or both when most cakes come with 3-4 or more effects in 25-50 shots. Of course, some cakes do work - such as SkyLab and Chemical Romance for Crossette effects.

    As cakes get bigger and more expensive - the more random and varied the effects get. I guess I'm one of a few that would be happy to pay for a 100 shot Chemical Romance/Sky Lab :)

    I realize I'm probably one of a tiny minority - and as long as VIVID keep doing what they're doing - that's better than nothing. I just hope more suppliers would cater to this segment of the market -- though I know import costs and profit margins are a problem, and that this type of product appeals to few people.

    Still... I can hope, right? :)

    On that note, for those that there are going to tell me there's a lot out there already - tell me what I'm overlooking and what should I be considering for 2021?
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    I agree completely though as importers have said, you have to order a certain amount of an item to get a decent price, then there's CE costs, shipping and so on, if that product then sells in dribs and drabs to a small community of enthusiasts I can't see it being profitable. Did someone say it's about £1k for an item's CE testing? So 10 new lines would be £10k :(
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  3. It's not quite as bad as that as you can group things into families. For example we can put a load of different sized sparklers into a family and it's $900 for the lot.

    The pain in the arse is if we have to redo them all now that CE is kiboshed.

    Gotta say things are a bit rubbish at the moment. Freight problems, factory problems - you name it. Pain in the arse.

    When the likes of Weco are collapsing you know there's an issue.