Wooden Candle Wicks

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  1. A bit oddball, but actually sort of links to pyro. Has anyone used candles with wooden wicks? I just ask here because they function, I'd imagine, much the same way as blue touch paper did, simmering down. If they are effective I think it is such a wonderful idea.

    To add, #context, I have started making my own candles.
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    Candles as in the variety you burn at home I presume, not the Roman variety that we generally speak of on here?!

    If so, yes, we use WoodWick candles at home, which are your usual candle in a glass jar with a fancy scent, but with a wooden wick (formed as an ‘X’ from an overhead view) as opposed to the usual ‘string’ type candle wick. The WoodWick candles crackle as they burn, which is quite a nice, relaxing sound too! :)
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  3. Yeah, wax burning candles! And they sound lovely, I will look into those! I usually burn candles (usually bought rather than made) throughout the night, just for relaxation.
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  4. So I bought thw Woodwick "Summer Bonfire" , it does have a nice crackle to it!
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