World Cup Party Firing List

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  1. Soooo, I am hosting a World Cup party. Due to being on a diet, beer and pizza are off the menu. So I'm doing some fireworks!

    I am thinking low noise, as its summer and we will be firing at 10pm.

    So: Opening, Jumping Jelly Beans and Fireflys.

    Then Thors Ti, and a Glacier Rising.

    Then some cakes; Happy Shepherd and Star Gazer, and finishing with Imagine rockets and a King for the Grande Finale!
  2. danielpyronutter

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    What's the star gazer?
  3. Multi shot, multi colour cake from Kimbolton! :)
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  4. danielpyronutter

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    Have you been to Blackpool Fireworks ;)
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  5. hofnerite

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    Sounds good @Fireworks Nick
    Jumping Jelly Beans and Fireflies are the same item. Stick them up high though on a pole or much of the "blobs" will be lost on the floor. Lovely fountains though.
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  6. Yeah I have put my order in, with Blackpool Fireworks!

    Thanks for the tip about poles, appreciated; I am thinking they will pair off well.
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  7. Jon

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    Those blobs are specacular! One of the best colour fountains out there.
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    Russia, spain, Portugal, overpaid underperforming England players...
    ..oh you mean fireworks!
  9. hofnerite

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    To be fair, when Gascoigne and Fowler were playing, England had a pretty high powder content. ;)
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  10. Not sure Glacier Rising and a King come under low noise ;) great fireworks though, and jumping jelly beans is brilliant, definitely agree about putting them on a pole though, I’ve made that mistake once and they definitely benefit from that extra height!
  11. Ah, well mainly low noise! At little bit of volume at the end won't be too disruptive! :D
  12. well, I have just had a decent win on the football which covers this order. I might have to add a few more fireworks. ;) Any suggestions? :) Its from Blackpool Fireworks Shop, so anything they sell.
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  14. danielpyronutter

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    Really liking Kim Bolton raging vortex and apostles creed
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  15. £50 - £70 ish
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    The world is at your fingertips there mate.

    Why not go for a large sib as the finale.
    Celtic big daddy

    Zeus trojan spirit

    Fire one

    Jorge exclusive collection 2
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    Talk to Neil himself Nick. He'll know his stock and will probably be able to do you a good deal on an end of line or similar. If you've 'won' the cash then it's an opportunity to go for something more 'elaborate''s often difficult to push the boat out if the cash has been hard earned.

    Be bold! :cool: (and don't forget the camera)
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  18. Yes indeed! :) I am picking up this stash on Saturday, so will do some advanced planning for World Cup Party part 2 ;) My winnings from Portugal v Spain almost exactly cover this stash; how sweet is that? :)
  19. Smart move! If you have a good win, treat yourself to something fun.
  20. danielpyronutter

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    Treat yourself to a celtce big daddy, it might be the last time you can as it is being changed.

    This was my favourite firework for 2 years in a row