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  1. Hello Everybody,
    I'm turning to you to ask for your opinion on cables for WPS Pro. I'm a pretty new owner of a WPSPro with 12 WPSslats but without any link (ethernet) cable. I'm trying to ensure that everything goes well during a show, I'm thinking about an S/FTP to avoid any potential interference. As currently no products are available from the wps original site (and the shipping would be very expensive - I'm located in Hungary) , I'm planning to buy some stuff locally and looking for the best - but not the most expensive solution.
    Being an amateur in IT, I need your help what to choose: Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7; with stranded or solid (100% copper) wire inside, 24 AWG is enough or worth to buy a more expensive 23 AWG.
    The longest cable used for a slat would be about 30m.

    Any idea or recommendation is very much appreciated.
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    I've moved this out to a new thread @djoldman as the one you posted in was about WPS cases but you're asking about cables.
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    In your situation the cables are not sending data, so the extra bandwidth of Cat 6 over Cat 5 is not relevant
    You need low resistance cables to minimise the voltage drop along the cable, so more potential difference across the ignitor
    - Copper will be lower resistance than CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium)
    - Larger diameter wire will give lower resistance
    Stranded will be more flexible so probably makes sense for a firing system.

    You can try this to see the impact of diameter
    @easypyro I don't remember if your calculator needs the distance to be doubled....as the cable is conducting 30m to the ignitor and 30m back = 60m ?
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    Solid core cabling is designed for fixed installs only, if used for constant coiling and uncoiling it will fracture very quickly and cause signal integrity issues.
  6. Echo the above.... The key thing is to go for cables of reasonable quality. They should be 24AWG, stranded 100% copper wire and [gold] plated contacts. This should be good to fire a minimum of 7 e-matches wired in series on a 30m cable (up to 14 if you have a 24v power source according to the manual!). Remember to snip off the latch on one end of the cable - this makes it easier to remove them again from the WPSpro !!
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  7. For reference, the 20m cables supplied with my WPS Pro bundle have the following marking:

    Mini5 Cat5E UTP 75pc 4pr 24AWG ETL Verified TIA/EIA-568-B.2 PATCH CABLE 3P VERIFIED 5254M

    I've had no issues joining 2 of these 20m cables together (i.e. 40m) and firing talons/ematch without issue.

    Essentially though any CAT5E (or higher), 24AWG (or lower) rated RJ45 cables should be fine.

    As others have said though, you'll need to snap the plastic latch off one end of them so that you can easily remove them from the WPS Pro.
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  8. Thank you all for the replies. I'll be looking for a cable following your tips above.
  9. Just one more thing I'm interested in: should I look for an FTP or S/FTP cable or the "ordinary" UTP ones are also good to buy? (as far as I see, there are hardly any S/FTP Cat5e cables, AWG24 and stranded, most of them are solid core cables)
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    The shielding is not relevant as you are not using the cable for its original purpose of sending data